MEME BAG - Display your favorite memes & Emojis.


Display your favorite Memes on your backpack. 

High quality multi-functional backpack, equipped with a WiFi enabled display with over 12,000 Red/Green/Blue LED’s for wearing your Memes, Images, Reaction GIFs, Stickers,Emoji, and more.

Just download the App , download your favorite meme as a gift and upload it to the back. 

Wireless Color LED Display

WiFi/App enabled display with a 64 x 64 array of Red/Green/Blue LED’s (over 12,000 individual LED’s in total). This ain’t no HD display baby, this is raw 8bit style awesome. You want HD, go watch TV.

Multi-Functional Compartments

Ingeniously functional, whilst being highly sophisticated. Designed with a spacious shape, lightweight, and featuring multiple internal padded compartments (inc laptop section) for protection of your contents.

*Battery not included

*Please allow 15 to 20 days for delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Camden Bartell

Good quality backpack. Led panel is bright and good color quality. Only the app and way of updating the images is not that good... It creates a hotspot you have to connect to. So you loze internet connection on that time (bluetooth would be better). And than every time you want to change what is shown , you have to delete the current program and upload a new one. This takes some time (if you manage to make the connection, not easy... ) So perfect for advertising and fun, not to send specific images to the one behind you (I wanted to use it in traffic as an indicator)

Pansy Zulauf

Excellent backpack all works quality good

Orval Grady

Quality is good. Works through app

Jamel Fisher

MEME BAG - Display your favorite memes.