March 12, 2020 2 min read

woman looking at mirror
While growing up, my parents had a magic mirror.  I would simply flip the switch and gaze upon my reflection in vivid beautiful detail.  I can still see my hand fully extended out and over my mother's vanity desk, reaching out to touch it. All I had to do was activate the magic by flipping the switch. And when I finally did flip that switch, it was as if this mirror showed me a fairy tale version of my childlike self--an image I still cherish to this day. 
As a adult, I now realize that the switch simply turned on a light and brought out the full reflective potential of the mirror.  The magic was in the lighting. 
In order to truly see yourself and see how you're amazing, it requires that you see yourself in true light.  If you happen to have a room with great sunlight year round then all you need is a ordinary mirror.  But if you are like the rest of us and you don't have the sun at your command, then a lighted mirror can give you control over that magic. 
It's that realization and the desire to see myself in the best light that had me looking for great lighted mirrors. 
I needed one to take with me for everyday use. I needed one for when I do my make-up at my vanity desk, and I needed to upgrade the various mirrors I have around the house. 
Here are a few of them. 

Something for your bag

Something for your vanity or dresser table

Something for the bedroom or bathroom wall

I get complements all the time and I know it's because I took the time to see myself in the best light so that everyone else would see the best me in any other type of light. 

light it, look it, love it!